I Like Big Guns and I Cannot Lie [New Design Alert!]

New design alert!

This one is for you 2nd Amendment lovers out there who also happen to love the 90s (you know who you are… hey… stop pointing at me…)



I’m gonna be honest with you here…

There were a bunch of variations of this shirt. Seriously, a bunch of them.

Some were a little more obvious.

Some were a little less obvious.

Some had a big crazy design.

But ultimately… what we wanted was to put our love of the Second Amendment right on out there and declare it boldly.

So we went with the minimalistic approach, because it looks freaking cool.

Don’t believe me?

Check out this guy:

second amendment shirt design

Who doesn’t look awesome leaning against a wall?

And this guy…

Check out this guy.

We’ll call him Joe.

And Joe looks like a total badass sitting in a truck.

2nd amendment shirt

That smile. That beard. Those sunglasses.

That kickass t-shirt from GOP Proud.

You go, Joe. You’re the freaking best.


Leave a comment if you’d like to see any of the other designs we worked up here. There’s a version of this one in red, white and blue.

Another one with a United States flag in “BIG GUNS” which is pretty killer if I do say so myself (I got outvoted on this one).

One that has a gun that looks like… well… the silhouette of a gun… and another with a water gun because we’re not as cool as Joe up there, chilling in his truck with some sunglasses.

So let me know if you want to see any of those bad boys.

And in the meantime, go buy this shirt. It’s 100{7bf30a75dda91163a36c69c9e2cf9c4582cd891861b56840686fd6dbd3f16954} cotton. It’s comfy AF. It isn’t made of that super thin cotton you see these days that is practically see-through, because we hate having to wear a t-shirt under a t-shirt to keep the exact details of our chest hidden.

Some things are sacred!

Like our Second Amendment rights!

You know what I mean.

Whatever. Get out of here.

Go buy this shirt.

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