GOP Proud Patriotic Conservative T-Shirts!

When we were starting to build this shop – a whole entire website dedicated to patriotic, conservative and Republican t-shirts – we talked a lot about what the very first tee should be.

If you knew us, you’d probably think it was a no-brainer, because, well…

We started designing political and conservative t-shirts for ourselves in our little city in southwest Washington State a few years ago. Our loved ones kept commenting on our best designs, so we started selling them to friends and family. Then through social media we got a little more buzz and started selling them to friends-of-friends. And when strangers started stopping us and our friends on the street and asking us where we get our Republican shirts, we finally thought… maybe we were on to something awesome here.

We are obviously going to offer some of those shirts here, particularly the ones fellow Republicans ask us about the most. But that didn’t really help us decide what should be the very first, inaugural t-shirt, the one we were going to launch the site with.

Then we realized it needed to be our own shirt, based on the design we created for the logo. Why, you ask?

Because what we do came organically, based on our own interests… but also happened because there are a lot of conservative and political t-shirts out there, especially on sites like Amazon. You can search for just about anything and get it to your house in two days (we love prime, too!)…

…But a lot of them are, frankly, ugly. Really, really, ugly.

Cheap, badly printed, polyester awfulness, designed by owners who source a whole bunch of designs from designers in China or the Philippines who don’t even care about American politics and then post them all and see which ones sell.

That’s why we decided to start designing our own shirts, t-shirts that say what we want to tell the world about ourselves and our beliefs. Shirts that actually look nice and fit well and are designed and printed in the U.S.A. by professionals who love what they do. We do this for the same reason you’re here… we were really sick of only being able to buy political t-shirts that were badly designed and fit weird to represent ourselves and our beliefs.

So after a lot of debate, we decided that the very first shirt we put out into the world should be our logo, which, let me tell you… looks great on a white t-shirt.

So here it is… the very first shirt we are offering. We hope you love it as much as we do!

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  1. John H


    SO HAPPY YOU ARE DOING THIS! Love your shirts!

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