Gotta say it… FINALLY

We have a new t-shirt shop that is 100% inspired by the thing we have found ourselves saying on Facebook and Instagram since January 2017… “FINALLY, A PRESIDENT WITH A BACKBONE!”

We know the media is spreading all sorts of fake news right now about Republicans not being on Trumps side… but whether you believe it or not, you have to be glad that we finally have a President who stands up for SOMETHING instead of being wishy washy and standing up for nothing… and it is definitely much, much better than the alternative would have been!

We love this t-shirt… from it’s bold American Flag FINALLY to the white and red text to it’s 100% cotton navy blue color.

It’s a Gildan 64000 Unisex Softstyle T-Shirt with Tear Away Label, so it has a comfy fit and that scratchy label won’t be bugging you. It was designed and printed in the USA.

And it’s 100% awesome.

Take a look at this guy looking awesome:

republican tshirts

He looks great, right?

How about this guy…

He looks awesome, too.

Okay okay, I know… you want to just go buy it already so it can be in your greedy little hands in about a week. I don’t blame you. It’s… say it with me now… awesome.

So go buy it right here.



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